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  • A crew's day may start at any hour of the day.
  • The song was made upon one of our ship's-crew's wife. Cited from Love for Love, by William Congreve
  • None of the characters, cast, or crew from the television series would be featured.
  • The latter part of the crew's day was spent with some off-duty time.
  • And if half the head-money and the crew's pay were laid down in advance? Cited from Wide Courses, by James Brendan Connolly
  • Ten of the crew's members showed up for the meeting.
  • The station's crew, made up of six people, is usually replaced every six months.
  • The crew's section seemed to offer him the best chance. Cited from The Status Civilization, by Robert Sheckley
  • However, the crew's opinion of the green-hand captain had been a good deal changed. Cited from Buccaneers and Pirates of Our Coasts, by Frank Richard Stockton
  • Some cast, and some crew and audience, walked the distance on foot.
  • There were two more, carried by members of the Platform's four-man crew. Cited from Space Tug, by Murray Leinster
  • The crew quickly found a remote cabin located several miles away from any other buildings.
  • The day-long event is open to university, club, and high school crews.
  • Then he and the rest of the crew fell asleep on the beach.
  • The production crew was determined to limit the music in the early episodes.
  • There were ten other experiments that the crew performed during the mission.
  • The design staff noticed a difference in the manner of work among the crew after the meeting.
  • Each of these elements, from character through service, finds expression in the crew's activities.
  • In addition to this, certain crew members have other titles and roles.
  • Eight crew members were killed, forty-seven were wounded, and eleven aircraft were destroyed.
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Meaning of crew

  • noun The men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.)
  • noun The team of men manning a racing shell
  • verb Serve as a crew member on