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  • The body is taken to the cremation ground and placed with head towards the south.
  • He killed them all and returned with the head of his father to conduct the cremation.
  • Extensively covered by the national media, his cremation took place five days later.
  • They were no longer driven en route to the forest cremation area with living victims inside.
  • In recent times, cremation has become a popular option in the western world.
  • His two dogs died on the day of his cremation even though they were healthy.
  • The provides open-air cremation and end of life support.
  • The cremation rate in Australia is similar to other English speaking countries like Canada.
  • The U-shaped structure is thought by some to have been used as a royal cremation site.
  • No cremation is used and the dead is buried in the ground.
  • There were no human remains or cremations found at the site.
  • Male members of the family accompany the dead body to the cremation ground.
  • Thereafter all persons attending the cremation place the fire to the dead body turn by turn.
  • The building's free-standing walls could be extended over time, a new brick being added for each cremation.
  • Except all this the village also has a cremation ground close to the barrage.
  • Immediately after the cremation the entire family is expected to have a bath.
  • Legend states that during his cremation, his body burned for seven days and nights.
  • It is reported that his was the first formal cremation in United States.
  • He was 61 years old and only eight people were present at his cremation.
  • The direction that the head points towards can never be the west as that is the position bodies are laid in before cremation.
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Meaning of cremation

  • noun The incineration of a dead body