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  • Info A creed (also confession, symbol, or statement of faith) is a statement of the shared beliefs of a religious community in the form of a fixed formula summarizing core tenets.
  • We need to see school as a social experience, according to this creed.
  • It was more and better than the creeds of both parties put together. Cited from Modern Skepticism: A Journey Through the Land of Doubt and Back Again
  • Then let us note in just a word some other reasons why we cannot hold these old creeds. Cited from Our Unitarian Gospel, by Minot Savage
  • I have now said all I am going to about these creeds in any special way. Cited from Our Unitarian Gospel, by Minot Savage
  • It is also of great importance to men what may be the nature of their creeds. Cited from A Portraiture of Quakerism, Volume III (of 3), by Thomas Clarkson
  • The Church had already in its creeds the true parts of both of these systems. Cited from The Agony of the Church (1917), by Nikolaj Velimirovic
  • So far, most common ground has been established only concerning matters of the historic creeds.
  • Those names are man-made, and creeds of those churches are man-made, too. Cited from Evening Round Up, by William Crosbie Hunter
  • The look in the boy's eyes has followed Creed ever since.
  • Those who object to it on this ground should consider the purpose of creeds. Cited from Exposition of the Apostles Creed, by James Dodds
  • For Creed there is no difference between making music and making art.
  • There are many creeds: who shall say which is the true one? Cited from The Phantom Ship, by Frederick Marryat
  • We believe music should become a living expression of human emotions and creeds.
  • A religion without a regular creed's no use at all. Cited from True to his Colours, by Theodore P. Wilson
  • The doors of the Association will always remain open for men of all creeds. Cited from With Our Soldiers in France, by Sherwood Eddy
  • What matter all the creeds that come and go, The many gods of men? Cited from The New North, by Agnes Deans Cameron
  • Creed then decided to remain as a four-piece band.
  • While we fight over creeds, ten thousand fingers point to where vital good may be done. Cited from Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Vol. II (of 2), by Herman Melville
  • The creed has been used by Christian churches since the sixth century.
  • However, the band's name itself refers to the religious concept of a creed.
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Meaning of creed

  • noun Any system of principles or beliefs