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  • Info Creator is something or someone that brings something into being.
  • The film marked something of an end of an era for its creator.
  • Thus returning himself to the proper relationship with his creator and source of being.
  • The creator and series have received a great deal of recognition over the years.
  • He expected video game creators themselves to eventually produce programming for the channel.
  • Some systems are named after their creators; these are typically called methods or schools.
  • In another he appears as one of the four creators of earth and sky.
  • Creators described the approach as not providing them as much as they originally thought it would.
  • Neither standard has been adopted beyond its creator, but both are commonly supported by music software titles.
  • Each issue included contributions by a group of creators independent of each other.
  • The creators decided to keep her around for a few more episodes.
  • The intellectual property rights for any creative work initially rest with its creator.
  • Television show creators write the television pilot and bible of new television series.
  • The rest were given/sold off to their creators or others.
  • Both characters served in the war and shared some their creators' history.
  • The series creators paid particular attention to focus groups and other sources of criticism.
  • The purpose of creation is for the created to have the capacity to know and love its creator.
  • The connection between God and the world is that of the creator to his creation.
  • The creators of these models considered this a problem for some uses.
  • It was reputedly left behind shortly after the Creator completed his major work.
  • Fox also released an extended creator's cut of the feature.
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Meaning of creator

  • noun A person who grows or makes or invents things