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  • Info Creativity is a phenomenon whereby something new and in some way valuable is created (such as an idea, a joke, a literary work, painting or musical composition, a solution, an invention etc).
  • However, even fine art often has goals beyond pure creativity and self-expression.
  • It was about art and music and creativity and you can have both.
  • His family was close, and he and his brothers were always encouraged in their creativity.
  • To help spring creativity, he created three research and development groups and allowed them to compete against each other.
  • His illness did not generally affect his professional creativity until the end of his life.
  • Her special creativity was quickly recognized, and she was given complete freedom to choose her own materials.
  • Both artists spoke publicly about their age and the necessary distance without which their creativity was at risk.
  • His creativity and attention to detail resulted in a very contemporary and modern sound.
  • The negative impact on creativity can be seen in numerous examples throughout this book.
  • His creativity and playing ability continued to improve, though he was still somewhat obscure.
  • The relationship between depression and creativity appears to be especially strong among poets.
  • It became the focus and inspiration for her creativity for the rest of her life.
  • Instead, its importance is in its use value as the language of work, personal relationships and creativity.
  • Creativity has kept people alive during harsh conditions, and it has also made certain individuals wealthy.
  • A major social issue raised by this book is the relationship between creativity and human homosexuality.
  • Several different researchers have proposed methods of increasing the creativity of an individual.
  • For the moment, the industry hit new heights of creativity in the immediate post-war years.
  • Many of the shows have won awards for their creativity.
  • Some of this creativity resulted in landmark designs and features still present today.
  • The college provides a free environment to allow students to demonstrate their creativity, team work and leadership.
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  • noun The ability to create