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  • He is the man the Lord raised up as the father of the modern creationist movement.
  • However, the apparent age concept is still used in young Earth creationist literature.
  • He wrote numerous creationist and devotional books, and made regular television and radio appearances.
  • The Christian creationist community is highly critical of many of the ancient astronaut ideas.
  • Hence there is no philosophical place for a creationist God in this system.
  • He produced several anti-evolution and creationist works, particularly on the subject of flood geology.
  • Scott offered scientific views about the creationist and intelligent design movements.
  • Instead he is more accurately described as a "day-age creationist".
  • He has taught science methodology in regional church conference and has explained creationist concepts to students in public colleges.
  • He argued that creationist education should be given the same tax payer funding as evolution education.
  • They were able to convince one state board member to switch sides and vote in favor of the creationist science standards.
  • While he seems to have originally accepted evolution, he later takes up the creationist cause to bolster his church's membership.
  • What a joke it would be if I pat you on the back when you attack some immovable creationist! Cited from Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, Volume II
  • The creationist fervor of the past seemed like ancient history.
  • However, all these schools also rejected a notion of a creationist god and so the word nastika became strongly associated with them.
  • Dawkins has argued against creationist explanations of life in his previous works on evolution.
  • Creationist sources frequently define evolution according to a colloquial, rather than scientific, meaning.
  • I am a Creationist, and we see the farm as a mission station to give people scientific permission to believe in God'.
  • She is an evangelical Christian and has been labeled a creationist, even though she claims not to care about the subject.
  • During the case, development of a creationist biology textbook continued with hopes of a huge market if the appeal went their way.
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