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  • They are elements in nature, animals, creationary forces in the universe, as well as spirits of the revered deceased.
  • By the 1990s he was assuming a leadership role in the German creationary movement, through the publication of several influential creationary books.
  • He said that the Creationary account of origins could never have been developed as a hypothesis from the study of nature alone, rather it was "suggested by our religion."
  • He was one of the leaders of the nondenominational Wort und Wissen (Word and Knowledge) society, the largest creationary society in Germany.
  • The reinitiation and reassertion of the knowledge takes place after an intense debate with regards to the pranava mantram (AUM) between Lord Brahma (who is the embodiment of creationary aspect) and Lord Karthikeya, during which Lord Brahma fails to adequately convey the meaning of AUM.