Creation Records

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  • Info Creation Records was a British independent record label headed by Alan McGee. more...
  • The only offer they received was from the prominent independent label Creation Records.
  • He also served as an executive at Creation Records.
  • The song was later instrumental in helping the band secure their record deal with Creation Records.
  • At the end of the year Creation Records dropped the Servants.
  • This album was released on Creation Records, which was revived for the release of the album only.
  • By that point Creation Records was concerned at how much the album was costing.
  • However, the band were dropped by Creation Records after its release due to the album's extensive production costs.
  • This was the last Oasis single to be released on the Creation Records label.
  • The album was deleted from Creation Records' catalogue only one week after its release.
  • Released in June 1988 by Creation Records, the album was a critical success.
  • In late 1999 it was announced that Creation Records would close.
  • The album is also notable for being the final LP release on the influential British label Creation Records.
  • Their first official release, the EP came out in 1990 on the Creation Records label.
  • The band signed to Creation Records in 1985, and over the next year, they released a pair of singles.
  • On the basis of the original demo, the band were signed to Creation Records, becoming the first American band to do so.
  • Released at the height of Britpop it almost certainly benefited from being released on the Creation records label.
  • In 1990 he released a solo album on Creation Records.
  • It was the last single to be taken from the Guerrilla album and was the band's last release for Creation Records.
  • A couple of months later, Oasis signed a 6-album deal with Creation Records.
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