creation of Pakistan

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  • Moreover the existence of language became a great question just after the creation of Pakistan.
  • The system continued even after the creation of Pakistan as a sovereign nation.
  • It had played significant role in the creation of Pakistan.
  • In the second half he talked about the creation of Pakistan.
  • The park was established before the creation of Pakistan and covers an area of acres.
  • He comes from a family of military service men who had served in the British Army before the creation of Pakistan.
  • Its use started even before the creation of Pakistan, during the later phase of the Pakistan Movement.
  • With the creation of Pakistan a new challenge was thrown to the Sisters.
  • He actively participated in the struggle of creation of Pakistan from British India rules.
  • This situation continued till Indian independence and the creation of Pakistan in 1947.
  • The demand for the creation of Pakistan based on the Two-Nation Theory caused him great anguish.
  • For many years after creation of Pakistan, West Pakistanis dominated the executive and the military.
  • The song is a tribute to Jinnah and his work towards the creation of Pakistan.
  • In the same meeting, leaders of Muslim League returned the government medals and asked for the final creation of Pakistan.
  • The movement has also been criticized for its opposition to partition, and by that virtue the creation of Pakistan.
  • The elections were extremely influential in the creation of Pakistan.
  • The eventual effect of this movement led to the partition of India, and creation of Pakistan.
  • This book was written gradually over many years and included critical and declassified British Imperial documents before the creation of Pakistan.
  • After the Partition of India and the creation of Pakistan, this village has become a major centre of trade and commerce.
  • Since the name of the Seraiki came into being after the creation of Pakistan, so much of the literature in this language is pretty recent.
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