creation myth

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  • This is the name is a major god in the creation myth.
  • The range of the creation myth is almost world-wide. Cited from Folklore as an Historical Science, by George Laurence Gomme
  • It described spirit beings as a part of the past, in creation myth.
  • In most cultures of the world, the beginning of family history is set in creation myths.
  • The different creation myths have some elements in common.
  • The earth-diver is a common character in various traditional creation myths.
  • Creation myths explain the creation of the universe and the world and its lands.
  • According to their creation myth, it is the tree of life and fertility.
  • Creation myths often share a number of features.
  • Chinese garden's structure is based upon the culture's creation myth, rooted in rocks and water.
  • In creation myths, the first man and woman extend the concept to all of mankind.
  • This central role is crucial to how creation myths are presented.
  • The creation myths of many religions contain stories about how humans came to have gender.
  • The first divine act is the creation of the cosmos, described in several creation myths.
  • Other creation myths exist, each of which, however, connect creation, food, and sacrifice.
  • Their original creation myth tells of a god who laid the "Eight Eggs of Creation".
  • A well known example of a creation myth is the one found in the Hebrew Bible.
  • All creation myths are in one sense etiological because they attempt to explain how the world was formed and where humanity came from.
  • A creation myth attributes such power to newly created words, that they became instantly true by their mere utterance.
  • Another creation myth begins with the earth flooded in water.
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