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  • Crazy day is all about people coming together and having a good time.
  • Women are crazy about him, and he has no peace of mind.
  • She seems to quite like the image this gives her of being slightly crazy.
  • Things get crazier later on as time goes by, but things get better.
  • He also claimed that the craziest thing he had ever done was present the show live for so long.
  • People thought that he was crazy for several years because he talked with spirits.
  • I don't believe in it and it makes me crazy.
  • I was going to be the crazy person who was locked in my house and never came out.
  • And people at traffic lights used to stop and sort of look at him a little crazy.
  • Being locked up in that little cell makes you kind of crazy.
  • Young also recorded music with Crazy Horse throughout his solo career.
  • This was just one of the many crazy episodes that took place during the shooting of the book.
  • We just wanted to put on the biggest, craziest party you could ever imagine.
  • The interview took place over a year after Crazy Horse's death.
  • This makes him sound crazier than he actually is, though.
  • Everyone told me I would go crazy or die if I quit working.
  • An event which would, by its very nature, occur on the very day the markets go crazy.
  • But not crazier than the other band who had come in three days ago, also ahead of the main train. Cited from The Covered Wagon, by Emerson Hough
  • He saved Crazy Horse's life at least once and was with him when he died.
  • Peter has a crazy plan and his first step is to infiltrate a police station.
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Meaning of crazy

  • noun Someone deranged and possibly dangerous