crater rim

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  • He kept his back straight and his eyes on the crater rim. Cited from Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet, by Harold Leland Goodwin
  • The hotel was constructed directly on the crater rim approximately above the lake.
  • The interior floor has the remains of a crater rim at the northern end.
  • In fact, it appears that some of the central peak material has landed outside the crater rim.
  • The highest parts of the crater rim are now about 10 m below sea level.
  • The most notable is a ring-shaped crater rim projecting up through the southern half of the floor.
  • Within the interior is the remains of a small crater rim along the northwestern inner wall.
  • Far down the trails where the crater rims closed in the deep fissure he saw moving forms. Cited from Desert Gold, by Zane Grey
  • Reaching the crater's rim they found small fragments, including one with a white vein.
  • There are no significant impacts along the crater rim or within the interior.
  • The original crater rim has been estimated at about in diameter, but this has been eroded away.
  • If the lava dome continues to grow, it would eventually rise above the crater rim.
  • The inner wall of the crater rim has a wide, complex formation of multiple terraces.
  • The feature is the site of a slump which has occurred off the crater rim.
  • It rises above the northern crater floor and above the southern crater floor, higher than the southern crater rim.
  • The top of the dome even reaches higher than the crater rim.
  • The level of the lava lake varied over the decades and at times was only below the crater rim.
  • Crater lakes form as the created depression, within the crater rim, is filled by water.
  • There are some low rises and ghost-crater rims in the southeast half part of the interior floor.
  • The town is located on the northern side of Lake Bolsena's crater rim.
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