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  • See those trees and plants growing right up to the crater's edge. Cited from The Lani People, by J. F. Bone
  • This crater is about across with a floor about below the surface.
  • The size of the crater was still not known one year after the impact.
  • He reached the crater's edge and walked right down into it. Cited from Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet, by Harold Leland Goodwin
  • The interior floor has small craters along the eastern and southern inner walls.
  • The following reference sites were also used during the assembly of the crater information.
  • A crater on the far side of the Moon is named after him.
  • This feature forms the central member of a formation of three connected craters.
  • The most prominent of these is a small, cup-shaped crater in the southern half.
  • The crater from this event, if it still exists, has not yet been found.
  • Hence, craters can show us what lies deep under the surface.
  • The volcano in turn has a lake in its crater which also contains another small island.
  • This effect is caused by the difference in materials that cover the crater.
  • Another smaller bright crater can be seen in the center.
  • A very large crater, wide and deep, was left where the truck had been.
  • Almost the entire volcano fell into the ocean, leaving a small crater lake.
  • However, the question of the crater's age is not that simple.
  • However, the question of the crater's age is not that simple.
  • Despite its relatively small size, Back has a central peak typical of larger craters.
  • There are, however, a number of small craters within the interior in addition to those mentioned above.
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Synonyms of crater

Meaning of crater

  • noun A faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near hydra and corvus
  • noun A bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb