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  • This was the first time crankshafts had been produced in India.
  • They were used in complex crankshafts for many years afterwards, particularly where the output power was taken from a central drive gear.
  • One of the engines would have been running backwards and it is not known how the crankshafts were joined.
  • There are two crankshafts, which are connected with special transmission in shown solution.
  • Peerless was noted for its use of flat-plane crankshafts in its engine designs.
  • The engine is named double pistons because of its construction - double pistons and crankshafts.
  • Some engines also use cast iron crankshafts for low output versions while the more expensive high output version use forged steel.
  • The effective power output of the double-piston engine is transferred by two crankshafts.
  • Opposed piston engines have been manufactured using one, two and three crankshafts.
  • Cast iron crankshafts will experience the most improvement potentially doubling their fatigue life.
  • His first business was to make crankshafts for local bicycle manufacturers.
  • Most production crankshafts use induction hardened bearing surfaces, since that method gives good results with low costs.
  • Some expensive, high performance crankshafts also use heavy-metal counterweights to make the crankshaft more compact.
  • Crankshafts can be monolithic (made in a single piece) or assembled from several pieces.
  • The company began with eight people in a small wooden factory building, forging crankshafts for looms.
  • Two crankshafts were located at the top and bottom of the engine and coupled together by gears.
  • A later version abandoned the cam altogether and used three coupled crankshafts.
  • In an effort to reduce costs, used crankshafts may also be machined.
  • Monolithic crankshafts are most common, but some smaller and larger engines use assembled crankshafts.
  • One of the most important difficulties encountered in connection with the production of Liberty crankshafts was hair-line seams. Cited from The Working of Steel, by Fred H. Colvin and A. Juthe
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Root form of crankshafts is crankshaft for the noun.

How crankshafts gets used

Meaning of crankshafts

  • noun A rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank