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  • Info A crankshaft -- related to crank -- is a mechanical part able to perform a conversion between reciprocating motion and rotational motion. more...
  • One advantage is that the bearing surface area can be larger than for a crankshaft.
  • They thus form the largest diameter of any part of the crankshaft.
  • The crankshaft had been used in two other engines prior to being fitted to this engine.
  • It is generally located inside the lower part of the engine, usually below and/or to one side of the crankshaft.
  • Each had one high-pressure and two low-pressure cylinders connected to a crankshaft.
  • This was the first time crankshafts had been produced in India.
  • The big end has a detachable half to allow assembly around the crankshaft.
  • The block has cast iron main caps and a cast iron crankshaft.
  • The engine, while remaining the same in size, was improved by the use of a two-bearing crankshaft.
  • She went out of service in 1993 after her engine crankshaft was damaged.
  • Power is taken from the crankshaft by a series of directly driven line shafts.
  • The reason for the engine problems was the continued use of three main bearings for the crankshaft.
  • The front two cylinders powered one crankshaft while the rear two drove a second.
  • Early engines used a three-bearing crankshaft, but later engines used five bearings.
  • This causes an end-to-end rocking motion at crankshaft speed in a straight-three engine.
  • The engine may have one or two flywheels mounted on the same crankshaft.
  • R-Series units suffered from hot starting problems and premature crankshaft failure.
  • A supercharger takes power directly from the engine's crankshaft to drive it.
  • They were used in complex crankshafts for many years afterwards, particularly where the output power was taken from a central drive gear.
  • One of the engines would have been running backwards and it is not known how the crankshafts were joined.
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  • noun A rotating shaft driven by (or driving) a crank