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  • Material specifications were different as were the detail design of internal parts such as the crankpin.
  • The crankpin should fit tightly; if necessary drive a brad through to keep it from slipping. Cited from The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1, by Popular Mechanics
  • The lower bearing brasses, which carried a load only during starting, were smaller than the crankpin and the main working brasses above.
  • The most basic is static balancing of the off-center features on a driving wheel, i.e. the crankpin and its attached parts.
  • The unbalance in the remaining driving wheels is caused by a crankpin and side rod weight.
  • The fatigue strength of crankshafts is usually increased by using a radius at the ends of each main and crankpin bearing.
  • The blade rod then runs, not directly on the crankpin, but on the outside of this sleeve.
  • The main connecting rod is a large triangular frame, driven by both cylinders and driving the crankpin.
  • This meant that there was no offset between the cylinders, and the crankpin did not have to be unusually long.
  • The main driving wheels have the greatest unbalance since they have the biggest crankpin as well as the revolving portion of the main rod.
  • A feature of this engine was the shared use of a single crankpin for both cylinders, this caused vibration as the pistons moved in the same direction.
  • Power was furnished by twin steam engines, each driving a pitman arm connected to a crankpin on the sternwheel.
  • It uses a rocking sector whose motion is driven via a link from a crankpin between the coupling and connecting rods.
  • Each piston had two parallel connecting rods, working on separated crankpin journals between the same crank webs.
  • Such a 'split' crankpin is weaker than a straight one, but modern metallurgical techniques can produce a crankshaft that is adequately strong.
  • The crankpin was carried directly by the beam and moved in a straight line vertically, the beam pivot moving slightly sideways on its link to allow this.
  • The two cylinders are connected to the single crankpin through a complex connecting rod of four separate links, and a rigid mounting point to the frame and cylinders.
  • The crankshaft was a flat plane with three bearings and four throws, each pair of cylinders sharing a master-slave connecting rod onto the same crankpin.
  • There was no requirement for a connecting rod, and the upper end of the piston rod was fitted with a bearing which worked directly on to the crankpin.
  • The failure caused the rear crankpin to overheat and fail, whereupon all the rear connecting rods failed, tearing through the cylinder walls and crankcase.
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