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  • A crinkle-crankle wall is a brick wall that follows a serpentine path, rather than a straight line.
  • The boundary wall of the estate is a crinkle crankle wall built in a wavy line for extra stability.
  • The crinkle crankle wall economizes on bricks, despite its sinuous configuration, because it can be made just one brick thin.
  • In Lymington, Hampshire, there are a least two examples of crinkle crankle walls.
  • All other buildings on the site have been refurbished, the grounds have been improved and the walled garden, with its listed 'crinkle crankle wall' has been brought back into use by local volunteers.
  • Each is an example of a crinkle crankle wall, and they are one of the many structures Thomas Jefferson created that combine aesthetics with utility.
  • In the estate village of Easton the noted crinkle crankle wall running from the former manor house to All Saints Church is supposed to be the longest existing example.
  • A crinkle crankle wall, also known as a crinkum crankum, serpentine, ribbon or wavy wall, is an unusual type of garden wall.
  • Flanking both sides of its landmark rotunda and extending down the length of the lawn are 10 pavilions, each with its own walled garden separated by crinkle crankle walls.
  • The allotments in the northwest corner preserve the boundaries of the kitchen gardens with its 'crinkle-crankle' wall and a tall yew hedge forming the southern boundary.
  • The county of Suffolk claims at least 50 examples, twice as many as in the whole of the rest of the country, and where crinkle crankle is said to derive from a local dialect.
  • Both crinkle and crankle are defined as something with bends and turns (Webster's), but the term is also thought to come from Old English meaning zig-zag.
  • Many crinkle crankle walls are found in the East Anglia area of England where the marshes of the fen country were drained by Dutch engineers starting in the mid-1600s.

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