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  • The reason for the black on the crankcases is still disputed to this day.
  • Early in the model run the crankcases were strengthened, after some cracking in racing use.
  • Versions featuring more substantial crankcases are often referred to as having "heavy crankcases."
  • Tunnel crankcases appeared in the 1930s with the first high-speed diesel engines.
  • This put additional strain on the main bearings and crankcases, leading to reliability problems.
  • Radical when introduced, the design featured horizontally split crankcases and Heron heads.
  • Pistons were made of steel, with cast iron rings, and the crankcases were cast aluminium.
  • They sent some prototype crankcases for Seeley to work from.
  • The standard 998 had crankcases which were very similar to the previous Desmoquattro.
  • The plant produced cylinder heads, crankcases, flywheels, gearcases and a multitude of small parts for the parent plants.
  • Revisions to crankcases for the three-cylinder models in 1993, together with a move to high pressure casting, reduced engine weight considerably.
  • This plant is equipped to produce aluminum crankcases.
  • A common gear-housing connected the front ends of the two crankcases, with the two crankshaft pinions driving a single airscrew shaft gear.
  • The crankcases and crank were also redesigned for use with the Injectolube system.
  • Aluminium alloys are widely used in automotive engines, particularly in cylinder blocks and crankcases due to the weight savings that are possible.
  • Strength is also an advantage of the boxer design - the crankshaft is sandwiched between the left and right hand crankcases and is supported by 5 main bearings.
  • They would burst through either one of the component engine crankcases and puncture the oil tanks, the contents of which would pour on to the hot central exhaust pipe collector.
  • Horizontal split of the crankcases offers the advantages of oil tightness through the elimination of vertical joints and one-step access to both the lower end and the gearbox.
  • YZR crankcases and gearbox were used and custom made engine internals, pipes and ignition were fitted.
  • In the (very limited) production application the water-cooled engine retained the vertical cylinder but placed the crank driven supercharger piston and its cylinder under the crankcases.
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Root form of crankcases is crankcase for the noun.

Meaning of crankcases

  • noun Housing for a crankshaft