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  • The iron engine block is cast in one unit with the crankcase.
  • It can cause a marked increase in engine oil carry-over out the crankcase ventilation system.
  • Crankcase is driving it as part of his first training mission.
  • The single piece crankcase was designed to save weight and give maximum strength, but made assembly of the engine difficult.
  • In these engines, the separate crankcase volume for each cylinder must be kept separate.
  • Normal construction techniques used three parts, two cylinder blocks and a separate crankcase.
  • They came up with two racing car engines built on a common crankcase and camshaft.
  • A small fuel tank was fixed above the crankcase, at the top of the engine.
  • Since the fuel does not pass through the crankcase, a separate source of lubrication is needed.
  • This was important as it also reduced the speed of the crankcase oil seals alongside them.
  • During the mid-1960s, substantial work was completed on an entirely independent crankcase ventilation system.
  • As time passed, more engine manufacturers moved to the enclosed crankcase engine.
  • Nevertheless, the area around the crankshaft is still usually called the crankcase.
  • The crankcase and block are made of cast grey iron.
  • Typically the LS1 engine allows too much air in its crankcase developing into parasitic loss of power.
  • The lower cylinders, which are under the crankcase, may collect oil when the engine has been stopped for an extended period.
  • The cargo ship is one of the most discussed ships, because of a crankcase explosion.
  • Unfortunately, the specially-built engines failed to produce their design power, and some developed dangerous crankcase explosions.
  • Unfortunately, the specially built engines failed to produce their design power, and some developed dangerous crankcase explosions.
  • A worn chain could strike both the inside of the cover and the crankcase itself, making the oil-level even more difficult to maintain in the future.
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  • noun Housing for a crankshaft