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  • There has as yet been no post-cranial material found.
  • All examples seen thus far have had fair skin and cranial hair.
  • Its cranial capacity is estimated at around, about one-third that of modern humans.
  • Several well preserved specimens have been found, although there is little cranial material.
  • These cranial measurements were also used to draw a connection between women and black people.
  • The cranial capacity was also quite large for their size.
  • They also have a large cranial capacity and are one of the most intelligent bird groups.
  • Their mother thought that women did not have the cranial capacity to comprehend such things.
  • Over a dozen species are currently known, varying greatly in overall size and cranial shape.
  • The cranial sutures eventually close within the first couple of years following birth, after the brain has finished growing.
  • Hence, these two are considered as a part of the cranial bones.
  • She released a computer graphic which showed the extent of her initial cranial injuries.
  • More cranial remains were found than post-cranial in the site.
  • H. habilis had a cranial capacity slightly less than half of the size of modern humans.
  • It will set the blood slamming against your cranial walls.
  • It was believed that in their behavior, they were able to stand and their cranial structures were able to show these abilities.
  • A further excavation the following year led to the discovery of other cranial remains, including a complete skull.
  • The upper half of their mid-cranial sulcus is developed and may appear above the clypeus.
  • It is not known whether such artificial cranial deformation has an effect in mental capacity.
  • Many referred materials are known and include cranial and postcranial remains.
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Meaning of cranial

  • adjective Of or relating to the cranium which encloses the brain
    cranial pressure