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  • Altogether, they spent just under two and one-quarter hours outside their craft.
  • It is also at this ceremony that they are given their craft name.
  • The term is mostly found in science fiction, because such craft have never been constructed.
  • She was considered to be the first truly successful craft of her type.
  • Each member of the Society had a job in a certain craft or trade.
  • The Company has always taken a special interest in those training for its crafts.
  • If all did go well, the player got their product after the crafting was finished.
  • She is widely seen now as a great example of a well crafted lead female character.
  • However, on-board communications remain active in case the craft is needed in the future.
  • Although crafted from multiple rooms, open access was limited to one main door.
  • It holds many things from traditional crafts to works of art by local artists.
  • Other events during the two week long party include and food festival and an arts and crafts festival.
  • The result was a ten-year capital plan which had been crafted by the government.
  • On the other hand, crafts and design are sometimes considered applied art.
  • Although he made an appearance, the actual performance was conducted by Robert Craft.
  • The support troops became landing craft crew and saw extensive action on D-Day.
  • The pressed flowers and leaves can then be used for a variety of craft projects.
  • The town quickly developed, becoming a regional center of crafts and trade.
  • All use of the river is now by pleasure craft.
  • A close solar passage can be used to increase a craft's energy.
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Meaning of craft

  • noun A vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space
  • noun People who perform a particular kind of skilled work
    he represented the craft of brewers, as they say in the trade
  • noun Skill in an occupation or trade
  • noun Shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception
  • verb Make by hand and with much skill
    The artisan crafted a complicated tool