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  • Chicago's house music scene suffered a crackdown on parties and events by the police.
  • The government crackdown against cross-dressing appears to have begun a year later.
  • However, due to a police crackdown, this tradition has now declined.
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  • He was one of a number of high-level officials arrested during the course of a crackdown on corruption.
  • After the crackdown of the movement, he left China and went to study at Columbia University.
  • He, therefore, considered it to be a law and order issue and order a crackdown leading to police firing in some areas.
  • This was part of a general crackdown against illegal immigrants in the film industry.
  • After the crackdown of the opposition demonstration he was arrested and put in prison.
  • He also supported day care programs to help mothers leave the welcome system, and called for a crackdown on crime.
  • His party was banned and a brutal crackdown was launched against his family and friends.
  • However, he lost the support of the Chinese majority due to his crackdown of teachers and students in Chinese schools.
  • As a result there was a police crackdown on street prostitution following the report.
  • A crackdown on drug-dealing and crime in the area has also been started lately.
  • When it was discovered by the officials, a full-scale crackdown was initiated.
  • The crackdown even applied to government officials and legitimate business people.
  • In the 1980s and well into the 1990s the UK government led a major crackdown on football-related violence.
  • These numbers swelled significantly and later led to a crackdown by the government.
  • The growing power of the left resulted heavy crackdown by the UMNO government.
  • As part of the crackdown, his brother-in-law was forced into exile and his son was tortured.
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Meaning of crackdown

  • noun Severely repressive actions