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  • "I wonder what your wife would say, though?" she added, a little coyly. Cited from The Double Life Of Mr. Alfred Burton, by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  • Gently, coyly, she will draw from him his ideal of what a woman should be. Cited from Idle Ideas in 1905, by Jerome K. Jerome
  • She coyly leads him up to her room, where she initially enjoys his attentions.
  • Then slowly, looking coyly back, She went along the Sydney track. Cited from Rio Grande's Last Race, Etc., Banjo Paterson
  • Then she turned her back to Ootah, bent her head coyly and did not turn around again. Cited from The Eternal Maiden, by T. Everett Harr?
  • One he coyly tucked above his left ear and one he lighted. Cited from Somewhere in Red Gap, by Harry Leon Wilson
  • Her thin hand responded for an instant to the pressure of his and then coyly withdrew itself. Cited from Many Kingdoms, by Elizabeth Jordan
  • "Do we coyly reveal the fact that your play on which the book was founded has already been made into a picture three times?"
  • She gave a very enticing look of surprise, and consented to smile back before she coyly looked away again. Cited from The Lunatic at Large, by J. Storer Clouston
  • He then selects one, who at first seems coyly unwilling, and begins a dance with her. Cited from Primitive Love and Love-Stories, by Henry Theophilus Finck
  • They are huddled in conversation while two men stand to their left with heads bowed, looking coyly at the women.
  • I propose to slide coyly from the office at about four o'clock. Cited from Psmith in the City, by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Steve coyly agrees he is fine with it, but he isn't really.
  • She coyly entices him to follow her to her home where the men from Garbage are waiting.
  • Julia coyly says to Willie that she was waiting for the right man to come along.
  • In the debates which generally followed I began to join, very coyly at first, but presently with some confidence. Cited from Mr. Standfast, by John Buchan
  • "Aren't you going to tell me you're glad to see me?" she whispered coyly. Cited from The Miracle Man, by Frank L. Packard
  • DAISY (coyly) 'Member whut I told you out on de lake last summer? Cited from De Turkey and De Law, by Zora Neale Hurston
  • "Do you think so?" she said, coyly, her eyes clouding with embarrassment. Cited from The Rise of David Levinsky, by Abraham Cahan
  • As she pretends to fall in love with him, she coyly asks "Is either of your two houses nearby?"
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Meaning of coyly

  • adverb In a coy manner
    she pouted and looked at him coyly