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  • Today the whole route of the line between Coedty and Llyn Cowlyd is clearly evident.
  • The line ran up to Llyn Cowlyd dam, where it ended in two sidings and a loop.
  • On its eastern side, the mountain slopes steeply down to Llyn Cowlyd.
  • Photo of part of the route of the former Cowlyd Tramway.
  • Photo of a length of rail on the former Cowlyd Tramway.
  • Llyn Cowlyd has a 30' high dam at its north-eastern end, which consists of a rock and earth embankment with a concrete core.
  • Some sources state that the name Cowlyd comes from "Cawlwyd" or "Cawllwyd".
  • Llyn Cowlyd is the deepest lake in north Wales.
  • Below Coedty, and just before the top of the Dolgarrog inclines, the line passed the point where the Cowlyd Tramway was later to branch off.
  • He bardic name was taken from neighbouring Llyn Cowlyd.
  • Construction of the Cowlyd Tramway began in 1916, and reached Llyn Cowlyd the following year.
  • Since the early 20th century water has been taken from its outflow, Afon Llugwy to feed Llyn Cowlyd via a series of leats.
  • Nearby the Cowlyd Tramway branched off, built to aid the construction of the dam at Llyn Cowlyd.
  • Llyn Cowlyd is one of two reservoirs which supply hydro-electricity to the aluminium works at Dolgarrog.
  • These were later used as locomotive access by the Eigiau and Cowlyd Tramways, and are today utilized by the two large pipes which carry water to the aluminum works.
  • The loco shed is still evident close to the top of the highest incline, near the point where the Cowlyd tramway branched off the Eigiau tramway.
  • It is the easternmost of the high Carneddau and is separated from the others by Llyn Cowlyd.
  • Llyn Eigiau lies a mile to the north of Llyn Cowlyd, and its water rights were at the time owned by the Aluminium Corporation Limited.
  • Llyn Cowlyd can be reached by road from Trefriw, some to the east, although the metalled road stops at a gate, the best part of a mile from the lake itself, beyond which private vehicles are not permitted.
  • At the time of the construction of the Cowlyd Tramway the Eigiau Tramway was re-gauged to the same narrow gauge so that the same locomotives could be used on both.
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