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  • He immediately set off on a quest with Cowlquape to locate his missing crew members.
  • He then appointed Cowlquape his apprentice to protect him from being cast out of Sanctaphrax.
  • Cowlquape then became the Most High Academe of the new city.
  • Their purpose is to free Cowlquape Pentephraxis, an old friend of Twig's.
  • Cowlquape meets Twig just as the young sky pirate captain regains his memory, and saves his life.
  • Cowlquape, meanwhile, replies that Vox never gave his vision a chance.
  • He pushes Twig from the platform and tries everything to stop Cowlquape.
  • Twig regains some of his memory and, in gratitude to Cowlquape, appoints him as his new apprentice.
  • The lower levels of the Tower of Night, formerly used by the Earth-Scholars, now became a vast prison, incarcerating, among many others, Cowlquape.
  • Xanth cuts the rope quickly, allowing Rook to fly away safely with Cowlquape.
  • The Professor of darkness begged Cowlquape to stop, and just before the pin gave, he thrust the great seal of office into Cowlquape's hand.
  • Twig yelled for Cowlquape to remove the pin that held Sanctaphrax in place, and he did.
  • Twig, accompanied by Cowlquape, set off to find his lost crew members, talking him from the sewers of Undertown to Riverrise itself.
  • Twig told Rook his tale, and reflected bitterly that had he found Riverrise, he could have saved Cowlquape from death.
  • Rook and Cowlquape mourn the end of Twig, who had been struck by a crossbow-bolt and had decided to go down with his ship.
  • Many years later, he is found by a young Rook Barkwater, who joins him in a suicide attack against the Tower of Night to rescue Cowlquape.
  • Twig and Cowlquape Sky-Fired back to Undertown where they attempted to sever the Anchor Chain.
  • At this time, the legendary Captain Twig returned to launch a raid on the Tower of Night and rescue his old ally Cowlquape.
  • Cowlquape joins Twig on his quest to rescue his missing crew, and in doing so, discovers Riverrise, the source of all life on the Edge.
  • Lufwood becomes buoyant when it is burned, so Twig and Cowlquape were fired to Sanctaphrax.
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