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  • Most residents live within Cowlitz County, in which the majority of the city lies.
  • One population has even been recorded from the more southern Silver Lake in Cowlitz County.
  • Fort Cowlitz was the company's primary center of agricultural production.
  • Cowlitz County is a county located in the U.S. state of Washington.
  • Cowlitz coal fields have not yet been largely utilized, but will be extensively developed in time. Cited from Resources of the State of Washington, 1909, by Ithamar Howell
  • The Cowlitz County Historical Museum provides many exhibits on the history of the local area.
  • The route was via canoe up the Cowlitz River then overland by horse.
  • Silver Lake is located in Cowlitz County, in the southwestern portion of Washington.
  • After leaving the station, the train continues along the Cowlitz River and soon meets with the Columbia River.
  • Three years later, he became a deputy prosecuting attorney in Cowlitz County, Washington.
  • The Cowlitz meets with the Columbia out of view of train passengers.
  • It is located on the border between Cowlitz County and Clark County.
  • Four towns have claimed the Cowlitz County seat.
  • Part of the flow backed up for soon after entering the Cowlitz River, but most continued downstream.
  • Olequa is located north of the city of Castle Rock on the west bank of the Cowlitz River.
  • As far as discovered they are chiefly near the headwaters of the Cowlitz river in Lewis county. Cited from Resources of the State of Washington, 1909, by Ithamar Howell
  • The train has been following the Cowlitz River and crosses the Toutle River.
  • Fort Cowlitz quickly became the main source of grain for the PGAC.
  • Cowlitz County provides most services including police, fire, ambulance, water, sewer, and garbage.
  • The Cowlitz tribe, which he helped gain federal recognition, made him an honorary member in 2000.
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