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  • Aircraft of the group were identified by red around their cowlings and tails.
  • Aircraft of the group were identified by yellow around their cowlings and tails.
  • The lower engine cowlings were omitted to allow for more cooling air flow over the engine.
  • The cowlings of the latter pair were removed after the first few flights to improve cooling.
  • The three cylinder banks each had their own cowlings.
  • Aircraft of the group were identified by yellow cowlings.
  • Cowlings for radial engines were normally painted black, which was also used for aircraft that operated at night.
  • Sometime early in its career, it was fitted with large cowlings to catch oil from the engines.
  • They were high-wing monoplanes of all-metal construction with valve head blisters on their engine cowlings.
  • Another design feature from Carmania was the addition of two tall forward deck ventilator cowlings.
  • Aircraft of the 20th were identified by a black/white stripes along their cowlings and tails.
  • They were housed in long, well streamlined cowlings that reached back as far as the wing trailing edge.
  • Cowlings was named an All-American defensive tackle after his senior year at USC.
  • Construction was originally planned to be of wood, with engine cowlings and wingtips of composite construction.
  • A practical method of designing cowlings and some examples are presented.
  • These are positioned on the outer side just in front of the engine cowlings on the fuselage.
  • At the time of his death the propeller and engine cowlings still needed to be fitted and the aircraft had not been flown.
  • Originally the fairings were cowlings put around the front of the bike, increasing its frontal area.
  • Aircraft of the 364th were identified by a blue/white stripe pattern around their cowlings.
  • Robbie Cowlings move from owner to Chairman prompted an about turn where agents were concerned.
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Root form of cowlings is cowl for verb and cowling for noun.

How cowlings gets used

Meaning of cowlings

  • verb Cover with or as with a cowl
    cowl the boys and veil the girls