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  • Info A cowling is the covering of a vehicle's engine, most often found on automobiles and aircraft.
  • At that stage of development, cut-and-try methods were largely used in cowling design.
  • This version was rarely armed with anything more than one or two cowling machine guns.
  • Aircraft of the group were identified by white around their cowling and tail.
  • Aircraft of the group were identified by yellow around their cowling.
  • The oil tank was no longer a part of the cowling structure.
  • The policy making process for Cowling is heavily influenced by party politics.
  • When he first started racing, he would duck his head behind the cowling when someone was taking a picture.
  • The engine cowling was damaged, but there was no damage to the engine itself.
  • Under the nose, the three piece cowling was changed to a one piece layout.
  • Some aircraft had their entire cowling thus painted.
  • This was later identified as a part of a cowling from one of the engines.
  • The pilot attempted an auto-rotation after the left engine cowling came apart mid flight.
  • Cowling is now retired from music and lives in Florida.
  • The Executive Commander who featured quite heavily in the series was Commander David Cowling.
  • He had control of two Vickers machine guns mounted on either side of the top of the engine cowling.
  • They had a different weapon layout, as stated above, with the two lower cowling machine guns moved into the wings.
  • Cowling was part of the Liberal party under which she won as the 1993 federal election.
  • There is never any kind of engine cowling on a T-bucket.
  • The aircraft features a short-span wing of only and a fiberglass engine cowling.
  • Cowling later remembered that he fell in love with Cambridge.
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Root form of cowling is cowl for the verb.

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Meaning of cowling

  • verb Cover with or as with a cowl
    cowl the boys and veil the girls