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  • The post-First World War Bullnoses and subsequent Oxfords/Cowleys would be much larger cars with bigger engines.
  • Of the ten, only the Shees were considered to be of Irish ancestry; the nine others, including the Cowleys, were of English origin.
  • By 1915, he was teaching at the primary school at Cowleys Creek, a small township south of Melbourne, near Timboon.
  • Then there is the Cowley strain, kept by the Cowleys of Callipers, near King's Langley. Cited from Dogs and All About Them, by Robert Leighton
  • Cromwell's downfall was disastrous for the Cowleys, who were generally unpopular and mistrusted: both were removed from office and imprisoned in England.
  • A tax of 33% was imposed on imported "luxury" goods but demand for the Cowleys seemed to ignore the price rises.
  • Delivery of these power units started mid 1919 and they were fitted into "Bullnose" Morris Cowleys and Morris Oxfords.
  • Both Cowleys sought to blacken Barnewall's name, accusing him in particular of questioning the King's authority, a very serious matter given the temperament of Henry VIII.
  • Ten years later the head office had relocated to an upmarket location in London's Grosvenor Gardens and a sales force was recruited, equipped with Morris Cowleys painted yellow, which had become the company's colour.
  • Cowleys grandfather, a Utah State Senator Rufus Adams yearned for years for a namesake grandson named Rufus.
  • The Cowleys, who had the reputation for being entirely unscrupulous, kept up a flow of letters to Cromwell attempting to undermine Barnewall, alleging in particular that he had challenged the Royal authority in religious matters, a very serious charge in the political climate of the time.
  • Garret Wellesley, the last male heir of the direct line, in the year 1745, left his whole estate to one of the Cowleys, a Staffordshire family who had emigrated to Ireland in Queen Elizabeth's time, but who were, however, descended from the Wellesleys. Cited from Notebook of an English Opium-Eater,de Quincey
  • For a time it seemed the Cowleys would oust Barnewall: Cowley obtained the offices of Clerk of the Crown and Receiver of Customs of the port of Dublin, and Cromwell praised him as a man of long established fidelity and truth, an opinion with which few have ever agreed.