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  • Cowle was in excruciating pain when the second doctor arrived.
  • It was too late and the Scott rammed the Cowle, cutting her almost in two.
  • Captain Rogers of the Cowle managed to put a life preserver on his son who was sailing with him.
  • At the age of thirty-six, and three years to the day after the death of her first husband, Daisy Cowle married another plumber.
  • The Scott suddenly loomed up full speed ahead broadside to the Cowle.
  • The Cowle sank in three minutes, taking 14 of her 24 man crew with her.
  • Captain Roger's son and brother, who was steward on the Cowle, were rescued.
  • The first body to be removed was that of Rhodes Cowle.
  • He was in great agony and suffered severe muscle spasms similar to those experienced by William Cowle, but he recovered.
  • He continued his work for Manx by teaching evening classes and gave workshops on the language together with the late Freddie Cowle.
  • A line was thrown from the Scott's bow to the deck of the sinking Cowle.
  • In the ensuing years following her discovery, the Cowle's wreck was stripped of her artifacts.
  • Designed by local architect James Cowle it features a scissor-braced roof with canopied stalls.
  • The Cowle sank in 3 minutes, taking 14 of her 24 man crew with her.
  • The Dorrien Gardens Reserve was developed in the 1970s when the local council resumed land from a series of properties on Cowle Street.
  • Early on the morning of 11 January 1923, William Cowle became ill soon after taking epsom salts prepared by his wife.
  • She was the first of two ships named for prominent Cleveland, Ohio citizen and shipbuilder, John Beswick Cowle.
  • At the time of his death, Daisy de Melker's only son Rhodes Cowle was 20.
  • The rest of the Cowle's crew were picked up by the Scott and transported to Sault Ste.
  • Cowle was continuing a survey begun by Robert Quin, who had reached a spot about 4 kilometres south-east of the rocks in 1866.
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