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  • Info Cowlairs is a district in the Scottish city of Glasgow, part of the wider Springburn district of the city. more...
  • He joined local club Cowlairs, playing as a forward, most often at outside right.
  • The communion table was brought from Cowlairs Church and was their war memorial.
  • He followed his father into the North British Railway, starting as an apprentice at Cowlairs railway works.
  • By the latter part of the decade, Cowlairs' reputation was growing.
  • Some of these were for Cowlairs and St. Rollox, but many more went to India.
  • Its opening game was a match between Hibernian and Cowlairs.
  • It was named after the nearby mansion of Cowlairs, with both locomotive and carriage & wagon works.
  • This effectively brought an end to Cowlairs' brief career, the club closing down in 1896.
  • Twelve engines ordered in March 1902 and built at Cowlairs railway works in 1903.
  • On early railways, cable-worked inclines were also used on some passenger lines, for example at Cowlairs in Glasgow.
  • In 1887 he joined Rangers, staying for two years before joining Cowlairs.
  • The Cowlairs area has a long association with the railway, and is currently home to a diesel maintenance depot at Eastfield.
  • Scott was born in Scotland at Cowlairs, near Glasgow, the son of a Glasgow merchant.
  • They also reached the final of the local, North-Eastern Cup and beat Cowlairs 6-1 in the final.
  • In 1866, Cowlairs became the main workshop for the new owners, the North British Railway Company.
  • It closed on 26 February 1967 when control of the high level station was transferred to a panel in Cowlairs signal box.
  • Cowlairs closed in 1968, the work transferring to the other BREL site at St. Rollox railway works.
  • These clubs all returned for the 1886-87 competition, along with newcomers Renton and Cowlairs.
  • They were used to bank passenger trains up the 1 in 42 Cowlairs incline leading from Glasgow Queen Street railway station.
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