cowl thrown

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  • Drawing near, he observed the cowl thrown back, and that the face was raised, the eyes closed, the hands palm to palm upon the breast. Cited from The Prince of India, by Lew. Wallace, Vol. 1
  • The one was dressed in the serge of a pilgrim, and his cowl thrown back, showed the face where human beauty and human power lay ravaged and ruined by human passions. Cited from Harold, by E. B. Lytton, Book 3
  • Then were they soldiers indeed, not monks at all, as, cassock and cowl thrown aside, they drew the bows, or aimed with their great engines the balls of stone and iron. Cited from The Fall Of The Grand Sarrasin, by William J. Ferrar
  • He wore his cowl thrown back, and from where I sat in my secluded corner I could see his features distinctly, and could watch the flash of his fine steadfast eyes as he turned them upon his followers. Cited from The Life Everlasting, Marie Corelli
  • A monk had just mounted the pulpit, and the church was dimly lighted, except where he stood in bold relief, with his gray robes and cowl thrown back, giving a full view of his high bald forehead and expressive face. Cited from Life in Mexico, by Frances Calder¢n De La Barca
  • And ever and anon would Brother Hugo be amongst us, his cowl thrown back, and his keen eagle face furrowed into merriment as he sped on some knightly play -- for he himself was a nobleman, and had been a good knight, and a famous name lay hid under that long Benedictine robe. Cited from The Fall Of The Grand Sarrasin, by William J. Ferrar
  • Then came a long file of monks-Capuchins, Bernardists, Minimes, Franciscans, Jacobins, Carmelites, and other orders -- each with his cowl thrown back, his long robes trussed up, a helmet on his head, a cuirass on his breast, and a halberd in his hand. Cited from History United Netherlands, 1590b by Motley