cowl drawn

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  • The horse moved off and left her standing there, her cowl drawn forward and her hands crossed on her breast. Cited from The Breaking Point, by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  • The object of the investigation was a very tall man, with a cowl drawn over his brow. Cited from Windsor Castle, by William Harrison Ainsworth
  • But his attention was diverted towards a tall monk in the Cistertian habit, standing between the bodies, with the cowl drawn over his face. Cited from The Lancashire Witches, by William Harrison Ainsworth
  • The monk who stood before the sisters, his cowl drawn over his face, his hands folded in his sleeves, took up the word again, which Freda's impulsive ejaculation had interrupted. Cited from For the Faith, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • At his right stood Godfrey Thurstan, the good abbot of St. Blane's, with his cowl drawn over his reverend head to shield him from the warm sun. Cited from The Thirsty Sword, by Robert Leighton
  • A faint glimmer of light stole into the cell, and Raymund marked the entrance of a tall dark figure habited like a monk, the cowl drawn so far over the face as entirely to conceal the features. Cited from In the Days of Chivalry, by Evelyn Everett-Green
  • And when he had rung the bell, he betook himself again to the altar of St. Apollinare, and with cowl drawn over his head, and frequent prostrations till his forehead touched the marble flags of the altar-step, spent before it most of the remaining hours of that day. Cited from A Siren, by Thomas Adolphus Trollope