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  • His performance throughout the championship later earned Power a coveted All-Star award.
  • He finished off the year by winning a coveted All-Star award.
  • He finished off the year by winning a coveted All-Star award.
  • She had previously attended the coveted event nine years in a row.
  • Milwaukee had long been coveted by major league teams looking for a new home.
  • This has become one of the most sought after and coveted awards in Australian sport.
  • One of the reasons that these figures are so coveted is because they are often new or rare characters.
  • The college is the first private Engineering College to serve this coveted project.
  • The rights to the film were coveted because of the production's established popularity.
  • Even those with coveted government jobs go months without receiving pay as the government has no money to pay them.
  • Even though it is very coveted, its usage potential is not entirely known.
  • These awards are highly coveted in the Australian country music industry.
  • These horses are by far the most coveted and highly valued model horses.
  • The province was coveted by the King of France, who wanted to increase his territory.
  • At one time, it was one of the most coveted regions in all of North America.
  • He was even a factor, as a then-coveted white star, in the league's new television contract.
  • Statius failed to win the coveted prize, a loss he took very hard.
  • Some of the most coveted addresses in New York are located along its route.
  • He is the first radio journalist to win the coveted award.
  • It was coveted by the city of Moscow which had no public library of its own.
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Root form of coveted is covet for the verb.

Synonyms of coveted

Meaning of coveted

  • verb Wish, long, or crave for (something, especially the property of another person)
    She covets her sister's house