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  • The village included eight to ten houses, each with its own internal courtyard.
  • This two-story building has an open air courtyard in the centre.
  • They are all placed on ground level with direct access to both courtyards.
  • Throughout the years, the courtyard area always had several areas of interest and events going on.
  • The courtyards and several other rooms however are still in their original state.
  • The central courtyard served as the main meeting place of the people.
  • The original building was one story with three ships among which there were two courtyards.
  • Years later, the young prince is playing with a ball in the courtyard.
  • Today a section of the original city wall still stands in the courtyard of the church.
  • The new senate chamber was located in what would have been the courtyard area in-between.
  • The courtyard was originally finished with a great hall to the north.
  • The courtyard was divided by a wall built running from the north wall to the south wall.
  • The central gate and clock tower between both courtyards still date back to the first building period.
  • The building is a four-section house with three courtyards in between.
  • The palace complex consists of four main courtyards and many smaller buildings.
  • Between the two wings is a great open courtyard long and broad.
  • The rooms were built around four large courtyards and four smaller ones.
  • The two stood looking out across the stone-paved courtyard upon which the door opened. Cited from Brood of the Witch-Queen, by Sax Rohmer
  • A small chapel takes up part of the first floor in one of the courtyards.
  • He notes that her last picture shows "more than two" bodies in the courtyard.
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