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  • Info A courtroom is the enclosed space in which a judge regularly holds court.
  • Natural light is let into the courtrooms from small opening in the walls.
  • When the child was taken to the courtroom, she went straight to her parents.
  • It had four courtrooms as opened and a further two were later added.
  • The question is, can he cut through all the courtroom drama in time to make the plan work?
  • Her career as an author began prior to her courtroom series.
  • When they finally entered the courtroom, everyone waited to see what they would say.
  • Three original courtrooms, located on the second floor, have retained much of their original appearance.
  • These critical people are referred to as the courtroom work group and include both professional and non professional individuals.
  • The play was performed in the same courtroom in which the actual trial took place.
  • The building now houses the city's police department and courtroom.
  • Eventually, the Council turned the old chapel into a courtroom and built a prison below.
  • You have to let them know you're not afraid to leave your blood on the courtroom floor.
  • The courtroom was on the first floor and the windows were left open because of the heat.
  • Beneath the courtroom are cells where the prisoners were held while waiting trial.
  • A few more questions followed in the charged open-air courtroom.
  • Short used his courtroom experience to become a judge and claim the disputed land for himself.
  • The morning before the storm, government workers were dismissed, and national courtrooms remained closed.
  • The trial took place in a courtroom closed to the public.
  • It takes place entirely in a courtroom during a murder trial.
  • Its Circuit Courtroom has been a popular location for community functions because of its large size.
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