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  • Therefore people leave urban areas for one day and camp in the countryside.
  • The hill projects about above the surrounding countryside which is about above sea level.
  • Much attention was also given to improve social and economic conditions in the countryside.
  • This area includes a significant part of the countryside surrounding the main urban region.
  • All this, whilst living in what was still considered to be the countryside.
  • Their culture did not, however, reach very far into the countryside.
  • Many teachers and students left the cities for the countryside to join the movement.
  • Rich women traveled to the countryside during the summer when Rome became too hot.
  • They demanded and then forced the people to leave the cities and live in the countryside.
  • The bridge has remained despite the development of the surrounding countryside.
  • There were two acts, one for the cities and one for the countryside.
  • They scattered across the countryside, each trying to find a new start.
  • This provided a break from urban conditions that was spent in the countryside.
  • The current building served as the London headquarters after the child care operation was moved out to the countryside.
  • Since there is no surrounding countryside, all infrastructure has to be located in the city itself.
  • It was mainly to educate city children who might not get out to the countryside very often.
  • In most cases the surrounding countryside and small towns had come under Communist influence long before the cities.
  • It is made up of two major types of countryside.
  • Since then, the town has extended to the surrounding countryside.
  • Also, they had to keep all activities hidden in the countryside where there was little chance of being seen by others.
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