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  • Counselors work with students to help them stay college bound if that is their desire.
  • Four full-time college counselors guide students through the college search and application process.
  • There are four full-time counselors, each of whom works with one grade level.
  • The branch president usually has two counselors to assist him in his duties.
  • When you send in your request, it is sent to at least two counselors.
  • Many other staff members have been employed as residential counselors, along with food service workers.
  • Each area has a director and a certain number of counselors.
  • Counselors come from the United States and a variety of other countries around the world.
  • The counselors are selected for character and values that make them good role models.
  • They met when they were both camp counselors at neighboring summer camps during their college years.
  • The program in a camp is run by staff known as Program Counselors.
  • She also had various counselors and officials to aid her rule.
  • John is set apart as the branch president and calls two counselors.
  • Counselors meet with students and families in small groups and have an individual family conference in spring of junior year.
  • In such an instance, the council is composed of the bishop and his two counselors.
  • The counselors also serve the important role of connecting students with other support services in the school or community.
  • Counselors spend the majority of their time working directly with students.
  • The city council consists of four ward counselors and two At-Large members.
  • Many college-bound students receive application assistance and advice from their high school guidance counselors.
  • If all counselors or children die, the game is over.
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Root form of counselors is counselor for the noun.

Meaning of counselors

  • noun Someone who gives advice about problems
  • noun Someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp