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  • We soon learn that they are on their way to meet a marriage counselor.
  • In addition, she opened up a part-time practice as a marriage and family counselor.
  • There is also a dedicated college counselor available at the middle/upper school campus.
  • Each student is placed with a college counselor to aid in the college application process.
  • The manager must maintain his or her role as coach and counselor, not director.
  • Students who test positive must attend a meeting with their parents, counselor and the school president.
  • Parents should also talk to the child's teacher or school counselor.
  • The college counselor works with all students at all age levels as they prepare for college.
  • His constant interest in youth themes made him popular as a youth counselor.
  • He became a mental health counselor and is currently retired from practice after a long career in the field.
  • Parents often meet with the school counselor during the junior year.
  • He returned to Spain the following year, and served as counselor of state and of war.
  • Upon leaving active duty service, Thomas worked as a youth counselor.
  • Each student is assigned a counselor who can be met with by appointment.
  • He acted as war counselor for the gang for ten weeks before leaving.
  • Their counselor needed them to see how each of their lives was in order to get them closer to each other.
  • His mother worked as a family and marriage counselor, and his father was in the clothing business.
  • The king and the counselor on the inner ring, next to each other.
  • Through the 1990s they included school counselor positions in primary and trade schools in addition to secondary schools.
  • She would serve throughout his career as his most trusted counselor.
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Meaning of counselor

  • noun Someone who gives advice about problems
  • noun Someone who has supervisory duties at a summer camp