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  • I am the closett That treasures all her counsells. Cited from A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV., Edited by A.H. Bullen
  • And therefore the Acts of this Councell, were not Laws, but Counsells. Cited from Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes
  • It may be argued that the "other counsells" referred to were merely technical secrets, but that is to give the case away, since they were secrets held and communicated as such. Cited from The Builders, by Joseph Fort Newton
  • From persons still to tread the stage, Who did the drudgeries of our age (Such counsells are, I fear, too sage), God bless, etc. Cited from Cavalier Songs & Ballads of England, MacKay/Editor
  • Now you perceive To what a desperate state your headlong Counsells And rash designes have brought us: to stand out now Were to no purpose, for, alas, they have Too pregnant prooffes against us. Cited from A Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. II, by Various
  • At the Quarterly Meeting of Aberdeen Friends in 1692 a "weighty paper containing several heads of solid advyces and Counsells to friends" sent by Irish Quakers, was read. Cited from The Social History of Smoking, by G. L. Apperson