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  • The student who has bought his first law-book is already a great counsellor. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 2, No. 14, December 1858, by Various
  • When at last the king failed to save his kingdom, he asked his counsellors. Cited from The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 3
  • The college has a school counsellor which all students have free access to.
  • Those whom we shall never see, will look to us as models, as counsellors. Cited from Prue and I, by George William Curtis
  • She came and asked the counsellor's son about his health and gave him the present. Cited from Twenty-Two Goblins, Translated from the Sanskrit
  • And the prince asked the counsellor's son what this strange thing could mean. Cited from Twenty-Two Goblins, Translated from the Sanskrit
  • A full-time university counsellor provides students with support as they apply to university.
  • He may live with them as his counsellors and his friends. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 5, No. 27, January, 1860, by Various
  • He is one of the counsellors in close touch with the war department. Cited from A Journey Through France in War Time, by Joseph G. Butler, Jr
  • It was right for the counsellor's son to do his master's business. Cited from Twenty-Two Goblins, Translated from the Sanskrit
  • He soon takes a job at the local school as a teacher and a counsellor.
  • "Happy the leader and brother that has so single and so firm a counsellor!" Cited from The Lion's Brood, by Duffield Osborne
  • And the old woman went home and told the prince and the counsellor's son all about it. Cited from Twenty-Two Goblins, Translated from the Sanskrit
  • It seems that he made many of these men his closest friends and counsellors.
  • The Counsellor says: before you moved over here how was the marriage.
  • Hope should not leave a man while he has life, and friends like these, and counsellors like yourself. Cited from King Alfred's Viking, by Charles W. Whistler
  • She becomes his counsellor in order to help him handle his recent grief.
  • Then he entered the Law College and passed out as a senior Counsellor.
  • The credit of his victory he gave to ten wise counsellors, one of whom was his mother. Cited from The Awakening of China, by W.A.P. Martin
  • Oh yes; and if we lose a fight these fine counsellors are the first to run away! Cited from Three Dramas, by Bjornstjerne M. Bjornson
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