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  • For example, following counselling, twice as many women felt in control of their life.
  • Later they get back together and seek marriage counselling to address their sexual problems.
  • Many students are referred by their teachers for counselling and follow up is also done.
  • Mind you, I am not counselling you one way or the other. Cited from Sunrise, by William Black
  • Under the legal aid program, the commission provides legal counselling and financial assistance.
  • Initially providing counselling services using volunteers, they now provide a range of professional relationship support services.
  • This area offers counselling and security services to students and the college.
  • They may have education in early childhood development, counselling, adult education or family support.
  • We needed counselling, but no-one offered us any help.
  • Individual members of staff with problems can receive counselling, advice and help.
  • She told Simon she thinks he might need counselling because of his writing.
  • The office provides free counselling services for students and scholars interested in German education.
  • They may also be offered religious literature, counselling or other assistance.
  • The legal centre also has lawyers on hand to help people in need of counselling.
  • She does radio counselling on the matters of love and life.
  • These centres are places that people can go to for help, support and also counselling.
  • Guidance counselling and medical treatment is provided to all students when required.
  • It also has a counselling service to try to help local street children stay away from drugs and crime.
  • Counselling, along with support groups, help answer questions, provide support and help with planning for the future.
  • He has spent time in counselling with an imam during his time in prison.
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Root form of counselling is counsel for the verb.

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