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  • He had no shadow of doubt that she would come to him instantly, in defiance of any other guardian or counseller. Cited from Fenton's Quest, by M. E. Braddon
  • The Lady Cammilla, who had been his confidante in days gone by, was still retained as counseller and guide. Cited from The Tragedies of the Medici, by Edgcumbe Staley
  • These two she co-authored with guidance counseller Kim Stephenson.
  • A plain husband-man is more Prudent in affaires of his own house, then a Privy Counseller in the affaires of another man. Cited from Leviathan, by Thomas Hobbes
  • A string of incidents occur; he thrashes the Area Counseller, the insincere hospital employees, water-supplier and many more.
  • A faithful helpmeet she proved, his good comrade in his wanderings, his wise counseller in warfare, and ever a softening influence in the fierce warrior's life. Cited from Historical Tales, The Romance of Reality, Vol. 4, by Charles Morris
  • He was counseller to the Parlement of Brittany and advocate general to the Grand Conseil.
  • As his abettor and ill counseller: One would have burnt the villadge, and the other Threatned to fyar the cloyster. Cited from A Collection Of Old English Plays, Vol. IV., Edited by A.H. Bullen
  • Rothenburg had a great deal of Friedrich's regard: Winterfeld is more a practical Counseller, and does not shine in learned circles, as Rothenburg may. Cited from Carlyle's "History of Friedrich II of Prussia V 16
  • He began serving as the Chief of the General Affairs Division in 1975, and although he quit being Chief of the Budget Division, he continued to perform in his other two positions until 1977, when he became Counseller of the Cabinet Legislative Bureau.
  • Bubacar is he who they say was exalted to the dignitie of a chiefe counseller and great gouernour, although he came not to the high degree of an apostle, or prophet, as dyd Mahumet. Cited from Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah 2, R Burton
  • For these reasons we read, with some degree of astonishment, a treatise on this exploded subject, by a philosopher, an eminent physician, a privy counseller of the then Empress Queen, and a professor in the university of Vienna. Cited from Thaumaturgia, by An Oxonian
  • The State Counseller is a 2005 Russian film, an adaptation of Boris Akunin's novel of the same name featuring detective Erast Fandorin.
  • Around him rested his chief warriors, Ali, Othman, Zeid, Omar, with his counseller Abu Bekr and his numerous entourage of heroes and enthusiasts. Cited from Mahomet, by Gladys M. Draycott
  • On the 28 of September 1670 was Colonell Lockhart admitted a secret Counseller, and they say that Lambert is also made a Counsellor in England. Cited from Publications of the Scottish History Society, V. 36, by Sir John Lauder
  • At last they upbraided my poverty: I confess she is my domestic; sober of diet, simple of habit, frugal, painful, a good counseller to me, that keeps me from cruelty, pride, or other more delicate impertinences, which are the nurse-children of riches. Cited from Discoveries and Some Poems,by Ben Jonson
  • A great nobleman and Counseller in this Realme was secretlie aduised by his friend, not to vse so much writing his letters in fauour of euery man that asked them, specially to the Iudges of the Realme in cases of iustice. Cited from The Arte of English Poesie, by George Puttenham
  • In 1960, he was appointed as a professor of solfege in Paris National Conservatory, then counseller of piano study (Conseilleur aux Etudes) in 1966, and analysis in 1971.

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