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  • Without their counselings we shall be only half wise. Cited from Jailed for Freedom, by Doris Stevens
  • In these events, counselings have specific reporting instructions to assure the safety of everyone concerned.
  • But after all, the counselings of Miss Avery, of whom he also saw much that spring, better suited his disgruntled humor. Cited from Queed, by Henry Sydnor Harrison
  • Followed some hurried counselings as to how we should proceed, and in these the hunter set the pace for us as his age and vast experience in woodcraft gave him leave. Cited from The Master of Appleby, by Francis Lynde
  • The Ministry of Health and Welfare has been providing services to hold counselings to help residents to go through posttraumatic stress disorder by mobilizing medical personnel and social workers to the affected district areas.
Root form of counselings is counsel for verb and counseling for noun.