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  • He received counseling from his pastor, which turned him to a more positive path.
  • Eventually she recovered with counseling and the support of her family.
  • She has credits toward a masters degree in counseling from the same university.
  • They are also required to attend counseling to plan for classes.
  • In addition, the school has an online resource for students called, which provides further college counseling.
  • He ultimately was able to move on from the shooting with counseling and time.
  • Various similar, yet distinct, models have been referred to as solution-focused counseling.
  • School counseling is found at the high school level.
  • An example of this would be a minister having sex with a person that has been receiving counseling services from that minister.
  • This caused some critics to leave the movement and to form breakaway co-counseling groups.
  • She paid for the education of numerous children, provided counseling for women starting businesses, and contributed to local schools.
  • Without their counselings we shall be only half wise. Cited from Jailed for Freedom, by Doris Stevens
  • MES College has a counseling centre which takes care of student health and mental well-being.
  • In later years he would study psychology and complete his work to become a counseling psychologist.
  • The leader should use the counseling skills in order for the discussion to take place effectively.
  • The Senior School campus offers college, academic, and personal counseling through a variety of resources.
  • This propelled the school counseling movement in schools by providing ways to test students and meet their needs.
  • Such measures may range from counseling to placement at special care unit.
  • She and Nathan attend marriage counseling and are able to work things out.
  • One German state requires school counseling at all levels but high school counseling is established in all states.
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Root form of counseling is counsel for the verb.

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