counsel and encouragement

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  • Before they left, the constable allowed him to speak a few words to the people of counsel and encouragement. Cited from The Works of John Bunyan Volumes 1-3, John Bunyan
  • Later she welcomed him for his own sake, and grew to depend upon him for counsel and encouragement. Cited from Georgina of the Rainbows,by Annie Fellows Johnston
  • Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot said their words of counsel and encouragement, and, by five o'clock, all was over. Cited from The Daisy Chain, or Aspirations by Charlotte Yonge
  • Immediately the hero put on his armor; and before going out into the battle-field, he tenderly embraced his son and spoke to him words of counsel and encouragement. Cited from Story of Aeneas, by Michael Clarke
  • A few days later we find Lord Byron again coming to Coleridge's assistance with a loan of a hundred pounds and words of counsel and encouragement. Cited from English Men of Letters: Coleridge, by H. D. Traill
  • She is alone in a strange wild country, and it is natural that she should seek counsel and encouragement from the young clergyman, who is worthy of her love, but, unfortunately, not a strong character. Cited from Life and Genius of Hawthorne,Frank Preston Stearns
  • You have spoiled this boy of mine; turning his head with law studies; and making him disobedient -- giving him counsel and encouragement against his father -- and filling his mind with evil things. Cited from Charlemont, by W. Gilmore Simms
  • Mr. Douglass has maintained, and does maintain, his paper without the support of any party, and even in the teeth of the opposition of those from whom he had reason to expect counsel and encouragement. Cited from My Bondage and My Freedom by Frederick Douglass #2
  • And Elizabeth Alden rolled her large eyes from one friend to another, as if appealing to them to goad her to this duty by counsel and encouragement of some sort. Cited from A Garland for Girls,byLouisa May Alcott
  • After school, at their own request, Miss Fiske met twenty-one girls, who had been members of her school (twenty of them now teachers in the Sabbath school), and gave them a word of counsel and encouragement in their work. Cited from Woman And Her Savior In Persia, by Unknown
  • Having in mind that education is peculiarly a local problem, and that it should always be pursued with the largest freedom of choice by students and parents, nevertheless, the Federal Government might well give the benefit of its counsel and encouragement more freely in this direction. Cited from Complete State of the Union Addresses
  • Month by month she sent to Bowden the intimate story of her doings, her troubles, hopes, and fears, and joys, and received in return wise and tender counsel and encouragement and practical help. Cited from Mary Slessor of Calabar, by W. P. Livingstone
  • Therefore, from his sick bed he continued to dictate; words of counsel and encouragement to the city; to Admiral Boisot, commanding, the fleet, minute directions and precautions. Cited from Rise of the Dutch Republic, 1573-74 by Motley
  • Then he sat down to pour out his heart to Maisie in a four-sheet letter of counsel and encouragement, and registered an oath that he would get to work with an undivided heart as soon as Bessie should reappear. Cited from The Light That Failed, by Rudyard Kipling
  • He sat before me for a golden hour; And gave me counsel and encouragement, Till, like broad gates, the possibilities Of a serener and a higher life Were thrown wide open to my eager feet, And I resolved that I would enter in, And, with God's gracious help, go no more out. Cited from Bitter-Sweet, by J. G. Holland
  • I have also received counsel and encouragement in all my labors from my esteemed colleague, Prof. N. W. Fiske, whose instructions in the same department which has since been committed to my charge, first taught me to love the Greek and Latin classics. Cited from Germania and Agricola, Caius Cornelius Tacitus
  • It was while depressed by such dreadful tidings that Bruce, as he lay on his bed at Rachrin, drew counsel and encouragement from the persevering spider, resolved to stake his fortunes on another cast, and, if unsuccessful, to die as a warrior in the Holy Land. Cited from Cameos from English History, by Charlotte M. Yonge