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  • Everything in the cosmos has come together to bring us this table.
  • From then on Cosmos would appear less as more characters were introduced.
  • He left the team after the season, coming back to the Cosmos.
  • He then finished his career with two seasons with the New York Cosmos.
  • The space outside the cosmos is also said to be very distant.
  • It is also where the largest cosmos flower park in Japan is located.
  • But there is still the problem of "who will keep the cosmos working".
  • It's the place we develop our ideas of society and also the order of the cosmos.
  • The beauty of our cosmos is held within each piece.
  • He is world-famous for his popular science books and the television series Cosmos, which he co-wrote and presented.
  • He spent a few months floating through the cosmos as radio-waves and energy.
  • The Cosmos name remained very well known, even after it stopped competing.
  • Finally, the latter is important for the understanding of the large-scale structure of the cosmos.
  • In the future we will see also the new integration of the human in the cosmos.
  • One without the other is useless, both are needed to drive the cosmos.
  • He was also elected to the Cosmos Club the same year.
  • Then nobody who is conscious his place in Cosmos can not remain in his box.
  • The second row of two positions represents the cosmos and the individual and their relationship.
  • He discovers that his own cosmos is only one of a vast number, and by no means the most significant.
  • In Britain its connection to the Cosmos seems not have been recognized.
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Meaning of Cosmos

  • noun Any of various mostly mexican herbs of the genus cosmos having radiate heads of variously colored flowers and pinnate leaves; popular fall-blooming annuals