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  • Cosmetically, however, it looked quite different, with all-new art and animated units.
  • It is fully cosmetically restored to its original appearance.
  • It is considered a different movie despite being vaguely cosmetically reminiscent of the finished film.
  • The original deck below the rail lines was cosmetically restored.
  • Mega Man himself has evolved very little cosmetically since his initial release, but has often been given new techniques in each game.
  • For this reason, it is not used near the eyelids, and in other cosmetically important areas of the body.
  • The setting may vary cosmetically, for example, by replacing the river by a bridge.
  • This provides the opportunity to remove the least amount of tissue and provide the best cosmetically favorable results.
  • While cosmetically undesirable to some, others may consider it a sign of maturity, age, or character.
  • The engine will eventually be mechanically and cosmetically restored to its original road name and number, 959.
  • The second class is known as fixed bodies and these vehicles are normal cars, which have only been cosmetically modified retaining their original drive train.
  • This site also now houses one of the railway's original 1873 carriages which has been cosmetically restored in recent times.
  • Patients with such lesions on cosmetically or functionally important areas such as the face can gain great benefit from such techniques.
  • It sits cosmetically restored, but has not operated in several decades.
  • The two weapons are extremely different both cosmetically and internally.
  • It will be displayed next to its sister engine #2153, restored cosmetically to original operating configuration.
  • He also dispelled many rumors that he had cosmetically enhanced his lips, stating that they are natural.
  • The resultant design bears a close resemblance both cosmetically and in the engineering employed.
  • While highly innovative electronically, the guitar was not blessed cosmetically and met with little success.
  • They are externally and cosmetically very similar to the originals, and still consisted of two rocket cars joined together.
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How cosmetically gets used

Meaning of cosmetically

  • adverb For cosmetic purposes to improve appearance
    it is used cosmetically by many women