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  • Info In philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. more...
  • However, his administration lost popularity on issues of government corruption as his term advanced.
  • Corruption has become an issue of major political and economic significance for the country.
  • It was students and middle-class people's movement against economic crisis and corruption in public life.
  • He was against what he considered to be the corruption of the true and pure faith in his own country.
  • Corruption seems to happen more often than not in areas of great poverty.
  • Its spirit lies deep in the corruptions of our common nature. Cited from Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. V. (of 12), by Burke
  • Although dominant in its activities, the government has a clean, corruption-free image.
  • Despite the Crash which caused much data corruption, technology in the game is advanced.
  • The city can now boast of having their own full-service police department, which has its problems with corruption.
  • He immediately began making his mark, specifically in corporate corruption issues.
  • Political concerns in China include the growing gap between rich and poor and government corruption.
  • Both he and they were called upon to inquire into all corruptions without exception. Cited from Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. X (of 12), by Burke
  • Some parts of the world may suffer from police corruption.
  • A still further fact is the want of time for essential corruptions, like those now under consideration. Cited from Companion to the Bible, by E. P. Barrows
  • Peter had fought his entire life a somewhat hopeless battle to clear up corruption in Russia.
  • That such corruptions could have taken place during the apostolic age, no one will maintain. Cited from Companion to the Bible, by E. P. Barrows
  • Corruption is common, though allegedly lower than in most other countries in Latin America.
  • Corruption within security forces is also an issue.
  • He even decides to arrange a press meet to bring out all his corruptions.
  • The public also perceived a significant amount of public sector corruption.
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Meaning of corruption

  • noun Decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation)
  • noun Moral perversion; impairment of virtue and moral principles
    the luxury and corruption among the upper classes, moral degeneracy followed intellectual degeneration, its brothels, its opium parlors, its depravity, Rome had fallen into moral putrefaction
  • noun Destroying someone's (or some group's) honesty or loyalty; undermining moral integrity
    corruption of a minor, the big city's subversion of rural innocence
  • noun Inducement (as of a public official) by improper means (as bribery) to violate duty (as by commiting a felony)
    he was held on charges of corruption and racketeering