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  • Its power over men's minds has been correspondingly deep and great. Cited from The Visionary, by Jonas Lie
  • Other items in the display may receive correspondingly less attention as a result.
  • Therefore the existence of any folk literature can go back to the time of the given language correspondingly.
  • When the latter is promoted, the title of the wife is correspondingly advanced. Cited from China and the Chinese, by Herbert Allen Giles
  • The traffic becomes heavy later in the day, and the trip takes correspondingly longer.
  • The latter would be limited to species with correspondingly advanced mental powers.
  • The European series died out in the mid-1980s and the national series became correspondingly more important.
  • We can easily understand that his wealth was enormous, and his power correspondingly great. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 13, No. 78, April, 1864, by Various
  • When the clouds above you become high, the shadow of them beneath you becomes correspondingly deep. Cited from The Parables of Our Lord, by William Arnot
  • How fit into the analysis a wide variety of costs based mostly upon a correspondingly wide variety of product?
  • Up till that instant he had evidently not seen us, and his surprise was correspondingly great. Cited from Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year, by E.C. Hartwell
  • Because it had a rather low importance it was correspondingly small.
  • Correspondingly, some people are worse off by more than the government is made better off by tax income.
  • Then, of course, came a correspondingly severe punishment from both father and teacher. Cited from The Story of My Boyhood and Youth, by John Muir
  • On the other hand, the value of the products they can destroy is raised in a correspondingly high degree. Cited from The Task of Social Hygiene, by Havelock Ellis
  • Their general social status has correspondingly improved with the expansion of urban centers.
  • Holding attacks which may later develop into decisive attacks should be correspondingly strong in rear. Cited from Infantry Drill Regulations, United States Army, 1911, by War Department
  • Here lived "the little people" with correspondingly little plots for their little houses.
  • As they carried on business on a large scale, it may be supposed that the traffic was correspondingly great. Cited from Hudson Bay, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • The range of equipment and techniques applied to the task is correspondingly great.
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Meaning of correspondingly

  • adverb In a corresponding manner
    the temperature decreases correspondingly